Before you give your handset to repair shop or buy new handset, please try the following procedure to repair your device. First charge your battery more then 70%, If your handset dead or bricked then charge your battery with battery charger or any external charger. Backup your important data if possible like phone-book, message, email, images, settings, EFS, NV, and full nand backup, and in most cases take out SIM card and SD card. After firmware update, format or root your device not possible to recover your data, so online backup is always important. For all of your data, a backup should be done on a external device, hard drive, raid system media or SD card. Remember do anything like firmware update, root, install custom firmware, stock firmware at your own risk we don't take any responsibility of damage your device.


Apple iPhone 4 Update and Restore with iTune


First Download and install Latest version of iTune.

Now connect your Apple iPhone in Recovery Mode

if you are unable to get recovery mode then put your device in DFU Mode.

  • Now Open iTune like this



  • Now Connect Handset in Recovery or DFU Mode.

iphone in recovery mode

  • Now you see a msg for update or restore your iphone
  • if you want to update then choose update or
  • if you want to restore your device then choose Restore

iphone software update

  • Now you see iOS software license agreement
  • Choose Agree to continue

apple iphone ios detail

  • Now you see iOS version and detail
  • Now click next to start downloading

iphone ios downloading

  • when iOS downloading start then go to your Local folders to get confirm iOS (IPSW) file name

apple itune software update local folder

Location of IPSW files

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
  • Windows Vista & Windows 7: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
  • Mac OS: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates (the location of your IPSW files may vary slightly depending on the iOS device in question, but they will be located in your home directory)
  • When you get correct ipsw file name then copy paste name in notepad and cancel downloading

iphone software download stop


  • Now download correct ipsw file and save in your pc
  • If you already have same ipsw file then skip it
  • Now press and hold SHIFT KEY + Click on Update or Restore iPhone...
  • if you want only update your device choose Update or if you want to reset and update then choose Restore iPhone...

apple iphone choose restore


  • Press and hold SHIFT KEY and click on Update/Restore iPhone..
  • Now choose ipsw file of your iPhone device

iphone ipsw file select


  • Now you see a verify massage box about erase your all data
  • click Restore to continue

confirm iPhone to reset and erase all data


  • Now ipsw file extract

extract ipsw file


  • After extract software the device reboot and get recovery mode

iphone get recovery mode


  • Now iTune waiting for get device

waiting for iphone device in itune


  • Now iTune verify your software (ipsw file) with your device and iPhone server
  • if you Get error no "3194" its mean you have a old software
  • if you get error no "21" then change usb port or usb cable

verify iphone software


  • After verify software iTune start updating your device

start updating or restoring iPhone

  • Now you see a progress bar about software Restoring on iTune 

restoring iphone software in itune


  • Now again you see verify software in progress bar


verifying again in itune

Now you see progress bar about restoring firmware

restore firmware in itune

  • When updating or Restoring complete you see a message box about it
  • its close in 10 seconds
  • now wait until your device complete start
  • when you see Language option On your device then choose language
  • iPhone updating or Restoring complete

iphone update/restore complete using itune


For download latest firmware or itune searh in our website

If your set stuck at logo or locked please try with Hard Reset

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